G/AL Update

Modifications in Microsoft Exchange will not take effect immediately as address lists only update once every 24 hours unless the action is carried out manually with the following lengthy commands.

       update-globaladdresslist -identity <AddressListIdParameter>

       update-addresslist -identity <AddressListIdParameter>

G/AL Update is a free application that takes away the need to spend time in a shell by updating both address lists, needing just the<AddressListIdParameter> entered into a text box. 

While designed with segregated hosted Exchange environments in mind, where each client has their own Global Address List and Address List, G/AL Update also benefits in house Exchange setups. 


  1.  GAL and/or AL update

  2.  Selectable suffixes for both the GAL and the AL 

  3.  Suffix selection is saved 

  4.  Option to save <AddressListIdParameter> on exit


 Cancel update using Cancel button or Ctrl-C

G/AL Update UI